Dunblare Import-Export, Inc. - Shipping Made Easy
Dunblare Import-Export, Inc. - Shipping Made Easy
When you choose Dunblare for your sourcing and shipping needs, you are guaranteed the ultimate in customer service. From your very first shipment you are assigned an export officer who will handle all of your shipping documentation and answer any questions you may have. Whoever is initially assigned to your account will always handle your account, leading to the long-term relationships that help us deliver superior service. You will never have to worry about who you’ll be talking to and dealing with when processing a shipment with Dunblare.

Which brings us to another point; at Dunblare, a human being always answers the phone. No automation – we believe in the personal touch. We believe our job is to make the shipping process as easy as possible for our customers and speaking to our experienced export officers help us achieve this goal. We know our customers just want to get their shipments from one place to another as easily and effortlessly as possible. So that’s precisely what we do.

You can also rest assured knowing that our knowledgeable staff has 50+ years of experience in sourcing and shipping from the U.S. to Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, St. Lucia and many other destinations throughout the Caribbean.

Our core business is ocean shipping. As a result, we have established excellent long-term relationships with all of the steamship lines servicing the Caribbean. We handle both LCL (Less than Container Loads) and FCL (Full Container Loads) shipments to the Caribbean.
  • LCL (Less than Container Load) - Our LCL service is predominantly used by our customers from Grenada. Due to the numerous contacts and family on the island our LCL service to Grenada has expanded over the years making it the majority of our LCL shipments. Whether it is the smallest of cartons or the bulkiest of pallets, or maybe just a personal effect barrel, we can handle it. However, we do offer these services to other islands. Just contact us or fill out the quote section on our website and we will get back to you regarding our services to that island.

  • FCL (Full Container Load) - This service enables our customers to use our facilities as a consolidation point, where they can accumulate freight from one or more suppliers and then load full containers from our facility.
Our air shipment service utilizes the top air carriers to get your shipment expedited to you as quickly as possible. By having contracts with numerous air carriers we provide our customers with increased flexibility while also providing the most competitive pricing. Once instructed, we can have your shipment transported from our warehouse, which is in striking distance of both MIA (Miami International Airport) and FLL (Fort Lauderdale International Airport), to the terminal in a matter of hours. This service enables our customers to get those urgent shipments as fast and as cost-effectively as possible.

Whether it is California, New York, or anywhere in between, we can handle the pick-up and delivery of your shipment to our facility. Having been in the industry for years we have established many contacts that are able to transport your shipments from one place to another in a timely and affordable manner.

Locally, we have numerous drivers who service the Miami-Dade/Fort Lauderdale area and we can usually get our customers’ shipments picked-up and delivered to our facility the very same day.

Dunblare also has the ability to source and purchase goods on behalf of its customers. Having developed numerous relationships with many of the suppliers in South Florida and across the country, we have the contacts and resources to find what you are looking for at competitive prices. With memberships at many of the wholesalers in South Florida, it gives our customers the opportunity to buy personal effect items in bulk while taking advantage of the cost savings.

Our customers have found our extensive knowledge regarding a wide variety of products, invaluable. Many of our customers actually advise of travel plans ahead of time, and request to be picked up by our purchasing agent, and taken around to different suppliers catering to their needs. The result is a convenient and helpful service, which exemplifies the level of customer service our customers receive when they choose Dunblare for their shipping needs.

If your shipment is of a fragile nature and requires extra care, don’t worry as we have the resources to ensure it arrives at its final destination safe and sound. Whether it needs to be crated, shrink-wrapped, bubble-wrapped, or just has special handling instructions, we offer the entire range of services to package and protect your shipment.

Also, we stock E-Containers, D-Containers, and the personal effect barrels. Many of our customers take advantage of our facility and pack their own containers or barrels on site and watch as we close and shrink-wrap them.

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