Dunblare Import-Export, Inc. - Shipping Made Easy
Dunblare Import-Export, Inc. - Shipping Made Easy
The house pictured above, which originally sat on 5 acres of land in St.George’s, Grenada W.I., is where the six sons of Vincent & Rhoda Minors were born and raised – David, Angus, Nicholas, William, Richard & Michael. All have fond and happy memories of the property, which was built in 1933 by Vincent Minors and remained in the family until sold in the 1980’s. The business known as “Dunblare,” which has operated in Florida since 1986 - and where a copy of this picture now hangs - was named after the house, “Dunblare.”

David Minors left Grenada in 1982, with the vision of starting an export company to service the family businesses in Grenada and Antigua – and so “Dunblare” was born. Five of the six brothers and Sandy Bain, who is as good as family, make up an equal partnership in Dunblare. Originally incorporated in Toronto, Canada in 1982, Dunblare has been sourcing and shipping out of Miami since 1986.

Today, while the ownership remains the same, the next generation now manage and operate Dunblare Import-Export, Inc. sourcing and shipping goods and supplies from the U.S. to Grenada, Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad, St. Lucia and many other destinations throughout the Caribbean. Because we are a family-owned and operated business, we take exceptional pride in what we do. Family is important to us and we treat our clients and customers as part of our extended clan. From our modern headquarters in Miami to the shores of the Caribbean, you can count on Dunblare for all your shipping needs.

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